A.J. Miller is an illustrator with a love for blending color and creating images. He began his career with airbrush on motorcycles while serving in the U.S. Air Force. The G.I. Bill education benefits, grants, and scholarships made formal art school possible in Detroit at the Center for Creative Studies. A.J. was hired out of school into a major art studio that served the auto industry. After several years employed as a designer, art director,and  illustrator, A.J. launched his freelance career in Detroit.

In 1983, he relocated to the Tampa Bay area. A.J. Miller’s illustration quality and detail was sought after for advertising, publishing, science, manufacturing and most every market. His client list ranged from the local area businesses to the Fortune 500. He was honored with 19 “Addy Awards” for illustration in advertising.

A.J. began offering digital artwork in 1999. Ever growing and learning, “I am enjoying the continual evolution from traditional art tools into today’s digital art tools.” Recent employment as a digital painter included art for small to very large sized projects for print.

In 2008, A.J. Miller was honored with a National Gold Medal for his acrylic painting, “City Fantasy 2, Turn It Up” in the Veterans National Creative Arts Festival. .

“I seek to start a painting with strong drawing and block in the shapes. Then the fun begins by adding details. I love to add the highlights and bring it all to life.”

City Fantasy 2, Turn It Up 28x 22 Acrylic

Angel Reef 15×17 Gouache

Seaside Garden
10×17 ft. mural in beach home… Madeira Beach

Florida History 16×17 Gouache