Boo Ehrsam is an Artist, Author and Performance Artist. A resident of Pinellas Park, Boo was born in Indiana, lived in Louisiana and moved to Florida in 1963. She is an internationally known artist whose works have been exhibited as far away as Beijing, China and Moscow, Russia. She has collectors in Europe, Haiti and New Zealand as well as in the US. Former President Clinton was presented with one of her works in 1995 at the joint meeting of the Florida Legislature. Her work was part of an exhibit at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C. in 1996. Two of her prints are part of the museum’s permanent collection. Among her collectors are Tropicana, Evander Preston, Adrien Arpel and former State Representative Mary Brennan.

As an author, her books have sold in Canada, Europe and the United States. Prior to the demise of so many small newspapers, she worked as an arts columnist for Bayside News. For 14 years she appeared monthly on the cable show In the Park introducing artists to Pinellas County.

In addition to her work in 2-D, Boo turned to polymer clay as one of her outlets for her

3-D inspirations. Her creations include the serious, whimsical and practical. She describes her work in this medium as “painting with clay”.

As an Arts Advocate she is constantly challenging the status quo promoting Arts in the Community and Arts in Education. Her rallying cry is “If children have no Imaginations, how can they imagine the Future? How can there be a Future with no Imagination?”

Boo, in co-production with her niece Carla Kaufman won the Salvador Dalí Look-Alike film competition, judged by John Waters, in 2008. She tied for runner up in the costume competitions for the 2009 Salvador Dalí Look-Alike event. On March 26th of 2009 she was featured on a segment of the program “That’s Clever” on HGTV demonstrating her work on wood and in polymer clay.

If Children Have No Imaginations,
How Can They Imagine a Future?

Mother Earth

Art is Healthy for Communities and Cultural Well Being

Dreams of Flight

Neglected Refuge

Spring DanTHE ARTIST’S HANDBOOK by Book Ehrsam

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