Harriet Godbole

Harriet Papadakos Godbole is an artist with a BFA from the University of Hartford. She has been creating art in various media most of her life. Her art is primarily 2- Dimensional with an emphasis on an experimental approach to the use of materials in her creative process. Harriet was born in Greece and has lived in the U.S. most of her life. She now makes Florida her home living there with her family in a quaint little community on the Gulf reminiscent of her Mediterranean roots. Her work tends to incorporate the colors reflected in the amazing sunsets on the Gulf.

The human condition inspires her as an artist and on a grander scale it is the human condition that inspires us to leave something behind. It is this idea that we share an eternal memory that stimulates and inspires her creativity” As a woman she is also inspired by our common threads, in other words ; what binds us together as human, female and members of a community. Making art for her is away to make connections. Her paintings are abstract with references to nature. Inviting the viewer into the painting to visually wander through the canvas and perhaps stay awhile, she asks the viewer to make their own connections and interpretations of her work through their own creative experience. She hopes that her art provokes reaction and dialogue in a way where one can not only discover a glimpse into her story but also where one can discover a similarity and commonality with their own. Although we are all unique and have our unique story at the same time we are also sharing a universal story. It is this universal story that brings us together as individuals and ties our common threads to complete The Story……. Our Story.

My website is Harigartstudio.com

email is harigartstudio@gmail.com

Member of the following associations : TESA (The Exhibiting Society of Artists), PAVA (Professional Association of Visual Artists), WCA , – Tampa Bay Branch (Women’s Caucus of Artists) ,  CAG (Creative Artists Guild of Dunedin)

“Emergence-Merge & Flow”