Janice Witkoski

Painting started for me years ago when I attended an art studio for a private lesson with an artist in Deep River, Ct.  As soon as I returned to Florida, I started painting acrylics. The journey has been exhilarating.  There are so many avenues in the painting world.  I’ve attended classes at Dunedin Fine Art Center with so many great instructors.  Each class has taught me something new.

Painting for me is an expression of myself.  I want each picture to be a story, a hope, a dream, a happiness that comes from my heart.  When a picture goes to a new home, that story will continue onwards.  My journey will never stop. The painting goes on.

After living in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Buffalo, NY, New Hampshire, I’ve finally settled in Florida. While working at Continental Airlines, I was able to travel throughout the United States. So many images are imprinted in my mind.  Now to get them down in acrylics!

I’m a member of Creative Artists Guild of Dunedin, FL (CAG) and The Exhibiting Society of Artists, Dunedin, FL (TESA).


“Super Moon”

“Midnight Walk”



“Bird Watching”