Kris Gregg

It is art, in whatever form it takes, that will teach us to see each other, to be sensitive to the inner spaces we all share. It is art that will connect us. I hope that my art will help you to see the human condition and move you to new consciousness. I believe that art has the power to heal. If we can see and feel our connection to each other, and remember that the simplest seed, the ones we unconsciously step on, have the life force to grow a tree then we will have a harder time destroying each other, our forests and the animals. This is what motivates my art.

I trained in England in graphic design and upon retiring returned to my first love, fine art. I have had the privilege to be guided by Karen Baker, PSA, as well as observe the work of other remarkable artists.

My job is to become humble before the subject, to observe intuitively, and let the subject, whomever or whatever it may be, direct the outcome of the work.

Arizona Dave

Unmistakable Child

Beloved Sons
Grace Under Fire