I relocated from Chicago to Clearwater, Florida in the summer of 2005, to attend Eckerd College, where I majored in Mathematics and Physics. A nature lover and avid traveler, my artwork showcases the charm of Florida, found in its beach culture, history, heritage and natural beauty. I have had to the great privilege to exhibit in contests and art shows in the Greater Tampa Bay Area and a number of my pastels have been used in the advertisements and bulletins of local businesses and churches. I strive to attain recognition as a ‘storyteller artist’ whose works lead people to a richer appreciation of nature and history.

“Tell a wonderful story.” This simple phrase sums up my artist’s statement and it is the driving desire behind my art. Art is a language I use, It’s a vehicle to converse about an event, without using words, and to summon into your psyche the essence of a person or a place. Influenced by the whimsical illustrations that I penned early in my career, my realist style introduces a meaningful scene, or a recollection, in storybook fashion, to weave a visual tale, rich in emotion and detail, emphasizing the qualities that make it special, and spurring the viewer to explore the page and imagine, “What’s happening here?” I should like to be considered a ‘storyteller artist’ like my idol Norman Rockwell, capturing scenes rather than places and personalities rather than portraits. My purpose is to bring you into a tale, to rope you with detail and flashes of color and make you ask what’s happening in the scene.

Over the course of many years, since my graduation from college, I have strived to nurture my skills in the visual arts, to bring my artwork to the marketplace and make it a self-sustaining endeavor. I have had the pleasure of meeting several individuals on the same journey toward mastery and recognition. To the extent that I can, I DESIRE TO HELP MY FELLOW ARTISTS earn the recognition that they deserve. In my efforts to generate inventory, I had yet to find an franchise to rely upon for affordable, quality prints of my fine art or affordable marketing materials to drive commissions… So, I purchased an industrial printer to make my own. That decision lead to a small business, TMAF ART & DESIGN, that now offers quality art prints and marketing aides at wholesale pricing. You can learn more at

Lyle Polyak, A Florida Fine Artist and Illustrator

TheMindscapeArtFoundry Studio
617 Cleveland Street, Suite 20,
Clearwater, FL (by appointment).

“Boca Grande Lighthouse”

“Nymph of Hinterlands”

“Pachelbel’s Canon in D”

“Surreal Shore”