Marija Micic

Marija Micic was born in the small town of Loznica, Serbia in 1990. She settled in USA in 2017 and currently lives in Largo, FL.

In early childhood, she started to draw and paint. In 2013 the eye of the artist stopped on that fall season dying leaf.

Patiently, with great caution, prepared the surface, revealing the way to this or that colored pigment remains on the leaf and then on this wondrous medium started to emerge fragments of artist’s world painted with acrylics. In the beginning, was mostly based on gorgeously detailed miniatures.

In 2020 she started discovering the big format as well. She did the first painting on a huge Elephant Ear leaf ( 4 ft. x 4 ft. framed) titled ‘Heaven’. This is the world’s first and only Elephant Ear leaf in such dimensions ever pressed and painted.

Inspired by history scenes of Southeast Europe, Serbian Kingdom before World War I, and Byzantine Empire. The inspiration comes from Orthodox Christianity and personal life experiences that bring emotions. Every leaf represents a human soul when life ends in this world and goes to another, better and eternal. The process of a leaf being green, then brown, and fallen is how she sees life on this planet.

She had five solo exhibitions in Serbia, and a couple of group exhibitions and art shows in Florida. Member of TESA.