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Despite COVID-19, we would like our members and friends to know that we are still active and SAFELY EXHIBITING by limiting exposure and responsibly social distancing. Here are some photos of our latest exhibit at the Osceola Gallery in the Clearwater Public Library:

Click on this link for more:
And know that you can view the show at the Library as it is now open. Be sure to wear a mask.

Winners at the SPC Seminole Campus in the Bill Young Building:

BEST OF SHOW: Alice Anderson for her pastel painting “Almost Home”

First Place: Polly Berlin for her painting “Tidal Pond”:

Second Place: Stuart Dwork for his “Art on the Halfshell” (literally)

Third Place: Dolores Kaufman for her Painting w/Pixels on metal “Celestial Navigation”:

And 4 Honorable Mentions went to: Harriet Godbole for her painting “Seascape Fantacy”:

Barbara Lewis for her “Miniatures mixed-media”:

Lyle Polyak for “Break Dance”:

And Leslie Jeffery for “Raging Bull”:

The Artists’ Reception at Gallery 120 of the Largo Library was a great success and the works will be on display until October 29th. The Library is located at 120 CENTRAL PARK DRIVE, LARGO, FL 33771. The Judge was Libit Jones and the winners are. . . . .

BEST OF SHOW went to LYLE POLYAK for “Light Keepers Daughter”

FIRST PLACE went to BARBARA LEWIS for “Keeping Watch: Great Horned Owl”

SECOND PLACE went to A.J. MILLER for “Give My Regards”

THIRD PLACE went to MICHAEL DAVIS for “Pinellas Point Park”

HONORABLE MENTION went to ALICE ANDERSON for “Fred Howard Beach, Tarpon Springs”

And another HONORABLE MENTION went to Dolores Kaufman for “Grape Leaves”

Here are the winners that were announced at the opening of TESA’s show at the Clearwater Main Library’s Oceola & Carnegie Galleries. The judge for the show was Barbara Lewis and the works will be on display until July 30th. The library is located at 100 North Osceola Avenue, Clearwater, Florida.

Best of Show went to A.J. Miller for “City Fantasy 2”

First Place went to Laura Vincenti for her painting “Wholeness”
Second Place went to Alice Anderson for “Pier 60 at Clearwater Beach”
Third Place went to Stuart Dwork for “Art on the Half Shell”
And the Juror’s choices for Honorable Mentions are:

Harriet Godbole – “Waterscape II”

Dolores Kaufman – “Priestess”

Gene Norris – “Lookdowns”

Lyle Polyak – “Artist’s Credo”

St. Pete Opera Center show in March 2020.  Here are the winners:
Best of Show –  Alice Anderson  – “Storm Rolling into St. Marks”

1st place –  Harriet Godbole – “Rythm”

2nd Place- John O’ Hara – “Cafe de Mimi”


3rd place –  Len Vincenti – “Fleeing Fish”

HM1 –  Mirella Cimato – “Mermaid”

HM2 – Eric Griffith – “Siesta Key Beach” (image not available at this time)
HM3 – Laura Vincenti – “Blue Whisper” (image not available at this time)
HM4 –  Lyle Polyak – “St. Augustine Fresh Catch”:

DOLORES KAUFMAN: was Awarded Second Place for her digital painting “EARTH BIRTH” at the Carrollwood Cultural Center’s Exhibition MOTHER EARTH to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. It will be on display till the end of July.

LESLIE JEFFERY: was Awarded first place for Taste of Honey at the “UNCHARTED” Exhibition at Art Center Sarasota for Month of June, and an Honorable Mention for “OVERSEAS NEW YORK”. (she also won an Honorable Mention for “Overseas New York”)


Winners at the Carrollwood Community Center in February 2020. The judge for the show was Carolyn Kossar:
BEST OF SHOW: Dolores Kaufman for her Digital Collage “Geisha Girl”:

FIRST PLACE: Gainor Roberts for her egg tempura painting “Beach Fence” (Unfortunately we just lost Gainor to an unfortunate lung condition. May she RIP!)

SECOND PLACE: Leslie Jeffery for her painting “Creme de Menthe”:

THIRD PLACE: Lyle Polyak for his photograph “Three Takes on the Tower”:

And 5 Honorable Mentions went to:
Alice Anderson for her pastel painting “Storm Rolling Into St. Mark’s”:

Jackie Haggar for her painting “Sunrise on 5”:

Eugene Norris for his Digital Painting “Violet Water Lotus”:

Harriet Godbole for “Summer’s End”:

And last but not least, Stuart Dwork for his painting “Autumn Morning”