Sandy 2015 ,Artist Statement:

We are only whispers, here and soon gone. Visual Art and the written word lives on. Jessi He crouches in the bushes, alone and still. His feet are bare, all he wears is a loin cloth. By today’s standards he is a savage. The visions of his day are replayed in his thoughts. His eyes review his surroundings. The ground beneath him is filled with falling shadows. He is totally captivated by the lights and the darks. Not knowing why with stick in hand he begins to draw. Are is innate. Bio: Christian, Wife, Mom, Grandma. Animal lover, Artist, Musician. Wish List. “All the hungry should be fed” “Justice for all.” Peace on Eearth.” “Honor God and try to live in his ways.” Thanks to my wonderful Mom and Dad for my first paint set and all the encouragement they gave me.

IMG_0861IMG_1256 mary wine 6